SKB700 - Skid Mounted



Skid Mounted Debris Vacuum

Ready to fit on any chassis and any application.  Complete blower package with engine and blower assembly on a single skid.  Many exhaust, intake and drive configurations are available.

Kubota Gasoline Engine.

Combining the power of the Kubota 87HP Gas Engine with a 28" six blade impeller, the SKB700 has the best suction of any unit in it's class

Line Line

Heavy Duty Debris Collector

The SKB700 is built from the ground up to be powerful, durable, and user-friendly.

Kubota Gasoline Engine

Combining the power of the Kubota 87HP Gas Engine with a 28" six blade impeller, the SKB700 has the best suction of any unit in it's class.

Mounts on any Chassis with 32" centers

This versatile unit is assembled on to a skid to allow the unit to be mounted in many different ways and configurations.

Belt Driven

Hydraulic Hose Boom

The SKB700 has a large 16" diameter x 120" long 3/8" thick wire reinforced rubber hose on the intake. This heavy duty hose is raised and lowered hydraulically by an electric/hydraulic hose boom. The boom swivels on two 1.5" diameter flange bearings allowing for nearly effortless movement of the intake hose.

More Information
Product Line OD
Engine Kubota 87HP EPA T2 and CARB T3 Gas Engine
Air Cleaner Dry element with pre-cleaner
Radiator Pressurized, heavy duty with 6-blade fan.
Radiator Screen Constructed of ½” expanded flattened steel with steel mesh. Screen is bottom hinged to allow for cleaning without powering down the engine.
Engine Controls Mounted in clear view and reachable with ease inside a hinged instrument panel. All gauges and engine wiring are connected to a state-of-the-art circuit board, with circuit breakers, for easier and more reliable connections. Gauges include: Tachometer, hour meter, voltmeter and oil pressure gauge. All monitoring gauges have backlighting. Automatic safety shutdown for high temperature or low oil pressure
Engine Sheet Metal Engine is covered by a custom sheet metal enclosure constructed of 16-gauge steel. The enclosure has front and rear access doors, which are louvered for proper air circulation. Two doors are provided on top of the enclosure for convenient access to the radiator cap and oil fill cap.
PTO Heavy duty 13” automotive style PTO and clutch with safety engagement system.
Safety Engagement PTO is equipped with a safety engagement system which prevents abrupt engagement of the PTO at high RPM’s.
Drive Type Belt drive with 4 -groove power band
Skid 89.5” x long x 48” wide formed and welded from one-piece 1/4” thick steel.
Impeller 28” diameter with 6 gusseted blades which are constructed of abrasive resistant T-1 steel with a Brinell hardness exceeding 400. The impeller is completely stress relieved via Bonal stress relief technology to eliminate weld cracking and weld distortion for the highest structural integrity possible. This makes for the strongest and longest lasting impeller on the market.
Impeller Shaft 2.25” diameter. Impeller, shaft and bearings are removable in a one piece assembly by removing only eight bolts on the belt drive units.
Blower Housing Outer housing is constructed of 10 gauge welded steel, front and back plates are 7-gauge steel. Inspection/clean out door is located on face to facilitate convenient inspection of internal contents or condition. A safety kill switch is located on the door to shut down the engine when the door is opened.
Liners Slip-in style which requires no bolts. Made of 0.25” abrasive resistant steel
Suction Inlet Right hand or left hand pickup available.
Intake Hose 16” diameter x 120” long. Heavy duty wire reinforced 3/8” thick flexible rubber hose.
Exhaust Duct Square duct extension of the blower housing. Constructed of 12 gauge steel and centered directly over the unit. Available in 90 degree, 0 degree or 40 degree.
Hose Boom Hydraulically controlled with an electric operated hydraulic pump. Boom pivots on two 1.5” diameter two-bolt flange bearings for effortless movement. The hydraulic cylinder is 1.5” in diameter, with a minimum stroke of 12 inches. 2 or 3 axis booms are available in geared motor versions or cylinder versions.
Boom Controls Push button style switch located on the intake hose nozzle.
Intake Nozzle 16” diameter nozzle with handle constructed of 12 gauge steel.
Fuel Tank 44 gallon capacity fuel tank manufactured of 0.25" thick roto-molded polyethylene.
Empty Weight 3,900 pounds
Paint All metal parts are thoroughly cleaned, primed, painted and dried before assembly. Each part is primed with a rust inhibitor primer and is painted with two coats of automotive quality paint. The parts are then assembled on the unit so that bolts, nuts, cables and grease fittings are not painted.
*Specifications subject to change at any time without notice