Where is my serial number plate?

In order to get the correct parts and the proper help you need your serial number. Find the tag for the SCL800SM/TM and LCT Models.


How to test the Murphy (Shutdown) Switch / Test the Limit Switch (2016 and before)

The Murphy (shutdown) switch, shuts down the engine when certain triggers are tripped.  The triggers that will shutdown the engine are:

  • Blower housing inspection door has been opened
  • High engine coolant temperature
  • low engine oil pressure

Click here for troubleshooting procedures.



How to Install and Remove an Impeller

The impeller is at the heart of the debris collector. Please take a look at the steps required to install or remove an impeller. Click here for instructions.



How to adjust the Auto Mfg. PTO

As the clutch is use the clutch disc may wear a little and it will need to be adjusted. Click here for instructions.



How to install the new Auto Mfg. PTO

Did you just purchase a new Auto PTO and would like to see how to install it. Click here for instructions.



How to troubleshoot the single axis hose boom

The single axis hose boom operates using an electric over hydraulic pump, powering a boom cylinder. Click here for a troubleshooting guide.



How to replace a blower housing liner set

Periodically replacing your blower housing liner set can add years and years to the life of your blower housing. Click here for instructions on how to do it.



Trailer Plug Wiring Diagram for my Debris Collector

Sometimes trailer wiring or a plug needs to be repaired or replaced, here are the trailer plug wiring diagrams: LCT Models or SCL Model


Tips for Winterization and General Care for ODB Units

General care for all mechanical objects to prolong life is a good practice in the field. Our ODB units are
no different. Here are a few tips and areas of interest for this. Winterization-and-General-Care-for-ODB-Units


Tips for Storage of my Kubota Gas Engine

If any Kubota WG engine will not be utilized for a period greater than 30 days, the user should take
several precautions to insure proper storage :KUBOTA-Storage-Procedure


Tips for Storage of my John Deere Diesel Engine

Any time the engine is not used for over six months, the following recommendaons for storing it and removing it from storage helps to minimize corrosion and deterioraon :JOHN-DEERE-Preparing-Engine-for-Long-Term-Storage


Tips for Removing my John Deere Diesel Engine from Storage

The following storage removal procedure is used for long-term engine storage up to one year :JOHN-DEERE-Removing-Engine-from-Long-Term-Storage